As I am a Screen-Printer by trade.... I did choose a Fine Art Printer that uses archival process inks only! The inks are very bright and leave  plenty of room for subtle changes in shadow and tone. This is a high-end Giclee Glossy print on heavy Canvas Framed Eyes Ships 5 days.    The new digital technology has brought about many changes in the way we think about printing the projects we love the most. Once we have a completed work of our original creation the pre printing or pre production work begins. I can recall early version PS and the issues we incurred as a result of our limited knowledge & temperance to full color production. The first steps are crucial to achieving a realistic full color rendering. When we print a full color image we must first separate a series of special colors referred to as the four color process. This is the commercial standard for most projects. The image is divided into the basic primary colors that can create most images. The colors are: C representing a medium blue, M representing the red shades and Y representing the yellow shades. The trick is to get all the shades represented in a clear gray scale so they can blend together to make all the colors necessary.  Although the Giclee style of printing does not require the same amount of production set up it does demand more time in pre-production. The fine art Gicllee print has many more colors to work with inside the printer. The complex assortment of ink blending that happens on press is best achieved with a skilled color expert in the benefits of this trade.                  When an artist takes the time necessary to obtain an professional digital image of their work they will always be happy with the final product…..                      
  Giclee printing is the best choice for fine home decor. The reason for this is the printer can handle more colors then a regular commercial printer at a time. The typical commercial printer will generally be budgeted for no more then four colors. The offset process is more time consuming in regards to every color having to be set up and printed one color at a time or in groups. The fine art reproduction requires many more printed colors to achieve the illusion’s associated with original works of art. The Ink-jet printer can handle many colors without an separate set up for each color.